Clinical Assessment and Eligibility

MassHealth designates authority to determine a consumer’s clinical eligibility for various Mass Health Programs, called Clinical Assessment and Eligibility (CAE) to Aging Service Access Points (ASAP).   Elder Services of Berkshire County, Inc. is the ASAP serving all of Berkshire County.   Elder Services’ Registered Nurses make the CAE (clinical) determinations for admission to Berkshire County nursing homes and for the Agency’s home and community based programs.

In addition, our Registered Nurses conduct in-home assessments for home Care consumers who need assistance with personal care including bathing, dressing, transfers, mobility and eating. The RNs, in collaboration with the Agency’s Case Managers, determine the level of service required.

Based on a person-centered approach, our RN staff strive to have elders/disabled adults remain in a community setting when appropriate. Our RN staff work with consumers and/or their families to avoid nursing facility admissions when possible and assist and advocate for discharge planning for those in a nursing facility by providing education, recommendations and referrals.

Elder Services Registered Nurses determine medical eligibility only.  Financial eligibility is determined separately.

For more information call 413-499-0524 or 1-800-544-5242.